Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Final Countdown

This is the last week of travel! We are so ready to have dad home and he's even more ready to be home. C'mon Friday!

A tasty "welcome home" treat - completely from scratch. It turned out perfect and tasted even better!
Our giant pillow pit. Every pillow in the house contributed to the fun.
Just a cute pic of a cute girl.
It's been quiet around blogsville. Hope you all are enjoying your families, friends and the sunshine!


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

That dessert looks awesome! Is it the Bisquick shortbread recipe? I use that when I do shortbread...all those times I make shortbread :)

My email is xslazo@aol.com

I want to hear details of where y'all are staying in FL.

sim said...

no, it's flour, baking powder, etc. I mean, I did the whole thing - whipped cream and all! I got to admit I was proud.

Amanda said...

oh yum! my mouth is watering!!!!

the Warren's said...

OH MY GOSH...that looks amazing, Simri!!! I can imagine it tasting just as great as it looks. YUMMY.

Amanda said...

It did remind me of Sunni's strawberry shortcake. It looks delicious! The pillow pit looks very fun.

Creth said...


the desert looks soooo good!!!! (I'm more of a fruity desert person rather than chocolate...)

and the pillow pit looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!