Tuesday, May 09, 2006

32, june 12th and it's a boy!

i'm 32 today. looking at that number in writing is sufficiently uncomfortable. like everyone else crawling around on this planet, i don't feel like it! i dunno, maybe sometimes i do. i think the point is we see ages in a certain light and when we personally arrive at one, the rules don't seem to apply anymore. the number becomes unimportant. we are who we are and we will always kinda feel like the same person as we were when we were 10, 20 and so on. thanks to shawn for a tasty steak lunch (my tummy would not have handled it this evening). i'm home, avery's napping and shawn is "running an errand". we'll head back out to "play" this afternoon.

got the word from the doc yesterday that we will be scheduled to induce baby boy davis on the 12th of june. i must admit i was thrilled when he said that date. i am so ready to have this baby and get on with things. i think i really just want to lose this weight and wear normal clothes and be able to bend over and play with avery without feeling like my stomach is burning or that i'm gonna throw up. i don't know if it's because this pregnancy has spanned 2 years or what but it has felt like an eternity. for heaven sakes, i found out i was pregnant Halloween weekend! that was a lifetime ago. so, praying all goes well, the baby will be here on the 12th, he'll have a name and i'll begin the road to recovery.

another treat at yesterday's appointment - angie was there and found out what she is having. it's a boy! crazy that two sets of cousins will be same sex. avery and olivia at 5 months apart and these two boys at 3 months apart. i think it'll be good. i'm just amazed at how many cousins avery is gonna have so close to her age. this is coming from someone who has one brother, one grandmother, one aunt and two parents - can you say small family?? my daughter has the benefit of 4 grandparents right now, 3 uncles, 2 aunts and presently 1 cousin with 2 more on the way and a brother arriving soon. it's gonna be a learning experience for me in how to exist in large families and love it. i really do receive all of this as a blessing. i used to hope to marry into a bigger family and it's been fantastic to watch it grow. plus we are all in the dallas area so we're relatively close.