Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One of the most beautiful expressions of child-like faith is when my children ask simple, probing questions that touch on the eternal. Their hearts are pondering truths that are not too far off from our seasoned thoughts; we all want to know God - know about Him.

So many times these questions come at night when my patience are wearing thin and I become snippy and frustrated. I pray the Lord stops me in my tracks with a sharp rebuke. How selfish to dismiss and disregard my child's budding hunger to know his/her God. I pray for the Lord's mercy in this.

And I smile.

I smile because I love to hear my children try to explain the unexplainable.

"How do we get to God?"

Both children have asked this question. Years ago, Avery's idea was one had to jump on a trampoline really high and God's big hand would come out of heaven and catch you. I guess that's somewhat Biblical if you think about us being safe in God's hands and no one can snatch us away...

Tonight was Asher's turn. "You have to take an airplane or a rocket ship because He's way up there." It was late so I let that one stand...kind of.

To my kids, God is real. He is the boss and He is up there far away. He is the One we pray to and He is the One we trust and He is the One we please when we do what's right. God is present and acknowledged.

And that is sweet to me as their mom. But I long for the day when they know that you get to God only through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. That He is the boss but He's right here and always will be. That we do pray to Him through His Son Jesus because He has made it possible. And we do trust Him and that's only going to get harder as the years go by because the stakes are higher. Yes, God is pleased when we do what's right, but not from a moral high ground but a deep, humble desire to serve a Holy King.

And that is where I express my faith, by trusting the God who made them to be the God who saves them. And it's Jesus who takes them to the Father, via trampoline, airplane or angel's wings...