Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the way we were

asher did not sleep 7 hours straight and avery came in for a middle of the night visit. luckily she went right back to sleep and asher eats while half asleep so he goes right back down. i went right back to sleep too. man, how many times can i use "right back".

on the plus side, i'm trying a new coffee creamer this morning - southern butter pecan. yummy! i used to suffer through black coffee many a night at cafe brazil b/c hey, that's how you're supposed to drink it. let's get real, black coffee tastes like crap. whiten that baby up and you're in business.

Hump day highlights: great things that have happened so far this week!

1. Shawn is given a very nice bass guitar by a friend at church who has lots of "toys". He was wanting to purchase one b/c he's had his current bass for over 10 years and it wasn't that great to start with. Upon researching the brand of guitar, he learned that Adam from U2 plays the same brand - can't get any better than that for Shawn. He's giddy and we're grateful to our friend.

2. Had a nice dinner with old friends. Always good to catch up -also, celebrated the approaching arrival of nephew.

3. Had a great lunch at Lawry's the Prime Rib to celebrate a dear friend's birthday - and they treated!

4. Avery is feeling back to normal.

5. Met some new neighbors.

6. Have actually been getting our Neighborhood Life hours.

7. Got Readers Digest in the mail yesterday and it's the humor issue. that means there is twice as much funny stuff in there. i love the funny stuff!

what are some highlights from your week so far?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

shawn and i have begun a new venture - screen printing. so far i've done a onesie for asher and a tank top for avery. both have this giraffe that i know how to draw. we're still working on how to do this and they look very amateurish but it's fun and a creative outlet. it'll be great if we can figure this out. right now, shawn is freehand painting a design on one of his shirts. it looks cool.

a certain baby boy slept 7 hours straight last night! i couldn't believe it. AND, avery stayed in her bed all night last night. last night was the closest i've come to a full nights sleep in MONTHS. one of these days i'll go to bed and not wake up until the sun is shining.

uh, creth...pacie = pacifier.


Friday, August 11, 2006

poor kid can't catch a break

if i were avery, i'd be ready to throw in the towel. it just hasn't been her summer and just when we thought it would get better - it goes out with a BANG!!

after spending weeks without her daddy and having to deal with a mom w/short temper and new baby that takes all mom's time, she's been sick.

The last week of July she has some weird skin deal. it looks like hives, comes and goes and itches. Sweat makes it worse, clothing makes it worse, living makes it worse. She gets bumps on her stomach. they don't go away.

On Tuesday, August 1st, we have a neighborhood event. Avery gets a spider bite on her ankle. Ankle swells to ungodly size. she spends a few days getting around on her knees and whining. one bonus: more time with beloved pacie.

Thursday, Aug 3rd, we take the kids to the dr. Asher for his two month check up (4 shots!! and one oral vaccination) and Avery to have the spider bite checked and the mystery rash. Spider bite is better. Body will break the protein venom down and she'll be fine. Rash is some sort of virus. Shawn calls them "stars" - way to go dad! She likes that name.

Sunday, August 6th - helping dad water the plants before bed. Has shoes on. you guessed it - another spider bite ON THE SAME FOOT! i sure was shooting some nasty looks at shawn. i mean, c'mon!

Tuesday, August 8th - we're about to head to a neighborhood life meeting. Avery starts complaining that her throat/mouth hurt. i take her temp - 102. i go to meeting alone. shawn stays with the kiddos. Tuesday night is miserable. Her temp hovers around 103.

Wednesday, August 9th - Still high temp and now i notice sores on her lips and tongue. Take her to doc. they test for strep - negative (i've never seen that test but i knew it couldn't be good when the nurse asked me to pin her legs between mine, hold both of her hands with one hand and hold her forehead with the other). it was the worst 2 seconds ever! as we are waiting on the results, doc comes in, takes one look and says, "not strep but a virus that will make her miserable for the next few days". nothing they can give her, just keep fluids and pain medicine in her. Wednesday night - misery continues.

Thursday, August 10th - she's hungry but doesn't want to eat. it hurts too much. ugh, my heart is breaking. praying a lot!! daddy goes to build-a-bear for a special "feel better bear" after going sailing for the first time with a friend (that's okay - i told him to go!). the bear is a huge success, she eats a little dinner and actually sleeps.

Friday, August 11th - wakes me up by putting a frozen italian ice cup on my face and telling me she wants "this one for breakfast". I follow her to the kitchen and she has chosen one for her new bear, Snuggles (or maybe Blue Bear - that's what's she's calling him today). He is in a booster seat, ready to go. Glad to see she is feeling better but i tell her she's got to eat something healthy. i get half a bowl of pink oatmeal down her and she wants to try a cereal bar dipped in her chocolate milk. yeah, i know but whatever - she's eating! No fever and she is a little more herself. She ate lunch and is in bed for a nap.

I hope the end is in sight and that this virus is not cruel and tricking us into believing she's getting better while planning a violent return. we're stir crazy...

on a lighter note, check this site out this place looks so cool. once i can get asher to take a bottle - i'm taking a class.

back to my chips and guac,

Monday, August 07, 2006

ah, blessed rain...

you came with a mighty roar but we still could not make you stay long. Even though, we were thrilled by your visit. Please, come again soon and stay awhile.

2 weeks, no sweets.

Today we rearranged some at the house. made our "formal dining room" into a tv room. i think we'll like it like this. it sure opened up our family room.

so check this out - i got a check today for the "mechanical license" for my song. actually, all the guys in the band got one but hey, it was still pretty darn cool. and i have no idea what a mechanical license is...

i'm scraping the barrel tonite. geez.