Friday, October 21, 2005

a mere week has passed...

and i'm posting like a good little blogger! don't have much to say but at least i'm putting forth an effort, for whatever that's worth.

it's official - my daughter is a toot (albeit cute, which makes it a tad more bearable)! let me just tell you what her favorite phrases are of, um, TODAY!

"no way, momma"
"don't wan' it!"
"go 'way" - most often directed towards her beloved daddy :-(

so here's what i've been thinking: this week i'm pms-ing pretty good and have been less than longsuffering with anyone much less a 22 month old with a scream/shriek range of mariah carey and more no's then whatever that credit card is with little blond boy. and unfortunately she feeds off of my stress and is even more testy. i lose my mind b/c of her testiness and needless to say, hell round and round.

BUT, back to my thought - what in the world is gonna happen when we are BOTH pms-ing and probably at the same time? Poor Shawn will lose his already fading hair and probably have us both committed. or maybe he'll strike it big enough to build his own house. or maybe he'll just "disappear" until the storm has settled, or at least changed course.

I think we will kill each other or at least make it so miserable that we'll want to be put out of our individual misery. whatever, it'll be a nightmare and one that will reoccur, oh, every 28-30 days. THE HORROR.

a disjointed post at best.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

bob and mary have left

at least for today. they are the ducks that reside in the pond behind my father in law's house. it is a regular venture for us to take bread out back and feed them til they wander off full. usually they start swimming over the minute they spot us in the backyard. today when avery and i headed out there armed with what seemed like half a loaf of bread, nothin! we waited, called to em and avery so sweetly yelled, "hey, ducks, c'mere. bread! food!" of course, all in toddlerspeak but they've never had a problem understanding in the past. she even called bob by name. and still nothing.

at one point i though i had spotted them but they coolly swam under a tree, ignoring us. i really don't think it was them or maybe i wondered if we offended them. yeah, that thought crossed my mind.

i also thought that maybe there was a falling out in coupledom. for months it's always been what i think is one male and one female. shawn enlightened us with "either the girl or boy duck has a little curled feather on this rear". thanks shawn, for clearing that up. but one did have it and the other did not. well, last time we were out there, they came a'visitin' and lo and behold, two ducks with two curled feathers on their rear. so either, there has a been a little "swapping" going on or somebody had a bad visit to the ducky salon. but that led me to think that maybe things weren't working out and they've moved on.

hopefully i'm wrong. we've got lots of stale bread...



that's what we spent in total at the fair yesterday! that has got to be noteworthy, eh? i mean, normally you don't even get into the fair with out dropping $35. So, at the end of the night when i counted money, i was pleased that only $22 plus 6 cans of food parted from my possession.

we had a great time. arrived at 4 pm, left shortly after 8 pm. avery had a wonderful time and that made it worth it for us. my parents joined us and there we were. first on the agenda (don't worry - no blow by blow account) was the pig races which happened to time perfectly with our arrival. avery is a lover of animals so we thought this would be interesting. they came out, ran fast, people yelled - loud, avery looked a bit perplexed and that was that. still, it was funny. the names of the pigs were the best part: oprah swinefry, britney squeals - uh that's all i remember. the acoustics were rough so it was hard to understand.

so, a brief overview - we ate food, walked around and watched a few things. avery thoroughly loved the sheep dog show and the parade. we ended with the txu illumination show. mom talked it up and man, did it STINK! it was like watching a very loud screensaver with the occasional fireball, firework and fountain. not so good. txu should be putting that money to better use (and not for the higher ups' bonuses!)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


that my last post was september 12. i'm telling ya, it's my biorthyms or somethin'.

i went to the animal fair...

the birds and the bees...

we are off to the state fair of texas this fine october afternoon! i'm excited b/c i'm thinking avery is gonna have a blast! it's a bit hotter than would be nice but it's still a tolerable 83 degrees or so. i can already taste that corndog...

so, i don't remember this site very often but i did today and how cool to see some more friends leaving posts for me! yeehaw! i love it! maybe i've found new resolve - or whatever.

okay - quick house update. they have sheetrocked and bricked it. it looks good. i'm kinda bummed b/c the brick i chose i saw on houses with white mortar. well, to quote shawn "we are NOT spending $1000 for white mortar. mortar is mortar. it keeps the bugs out!" so my brick looks not so red but more brown b/c of the lovely but functional grey mortar. ah, compromise!

the cd release party went great. so fun! and the guys had the best time. Dave, the drummer and an ear to ear smile the entire time. the guys got a yummy taste of good times and want more. they are scheduled to do a brown bag for KLTY on the 4th of november so come on out! not sure about details yet - i'm the last to know :-0 well actually, shawn is the last to know but who's counting.

okay - huge highlight in my life coming up - NICHOLE NORDEMAN in concert. WOO HOO! Date night with some great couples. Avery is spending the night with my parents and i cannot wait to see Nichole in concert. It sounds like she is doing a scaled down deal which will be great. ah, i've never seen her in concert yet. this'll be great. and by the way, i won an autographed copy of her special edition release of Brave. too bad i already have one (sans the john hancock). maybe i can bless somebody with it.

well, my child has been too quiet for too long. must make sure she is on the up and up.

will let you know about our visit to the fair. sure hope it's not "gang night"...