Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i got emails coming out the wazoo

I just sent an email to a friend. I clicked on "compose" and then "to" and then all 50 of her email addresses. Well, not quite that many but still more than one!

I tell you what, does anyone have just one email anymore? if you have multiples, do you check it all the time? do you even remember your passwords? that's my biggest problem. i cannot commit to remember my "secret" password so that i can get into an inbox that contains 1200 messages that i don't care one whit about reading.

With sbc yahoo, you can have 10 email addresses! how many families have that many people living under one roof? do you really need that? i guess if you're itching for a creative outlet you could practice coming up with witty addresses. Let's try do you get it?(not real so don't try it) or...well, that's why i haven't taken advantage of my endless supply of available email addresses. I'm the person who when having to come up with an id for an online anything never has a cute name. i can't think of one on the fly! or maybe i don't want to be know as HeReKiTTy2564 or hotmamalovesjustin34 - stupid. So yeah, i'm not lacking in cyberspace creativity, i just think it's stupid.

okay. so seemingly random. i'll bow out at this point and eat some lunch.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

monthly ordeal?

did you think i was gonna talk about that dreaded "friend" that we girls have to put up with?


it just seems that posting on this site has become a monthly ordeal. I cannot bring myself to sit down and rummage around this pit of a brain to come up with something to write. I am in blog hell.

To the few of you who check here regularly - HA! suckers...

Just kidding. You guys are appreciated for your long suffering but you know, i never promised you a rose garden (who sings that?) or a pathetic glimpse into Simri world.

So, to my one dedicated reader - you already know what's been going on in my world. but, i did visit your friend's website and am utterly impressed. she is quite a gal and that brain must never stop spinning. i think i'm too impatient to sort through so much in my head to get it down in a succinct manner so that the masses (both of you) can digest it.

hmmm...digest makes me think of food and food is most definitely my enemy. i lack severe self control in this area and can't get a grasp. oh well, i'm trying to focus on everyday and every meal and hopefully i'll lose some of this junk. i feel crummy and am obsessed with being skinny and seeing skinny people puts me over the edge. needless to say, my hubby isn't too keen on my newly adopted, irrational cynicism. He just wants me to be healthy and happy and forget comparing myself to every soul out there.

so, anyway, i'm gonna get myself geared up to visit and contribute here regularly again. don't fail me now! i'll come through...

much to you,