Monday, September 12, 2005

ah, the pressure...

to write. it's such a tempermental thing with me. sometimes i just can't get those thoughts to line up in a straight line and march out of my brain. i have days where i feel like i'm on a constant caffeine drip and ain't nothin' comin' out right. jittery...that word just looks shaky, huh?

so, our house is coming along nicely. i'm getting excited and too consumed with getting in there. we're still a good two months out. but now we can walk through it and see the rooms. yay! it was cool b/c we went up there last night to look around and at dinner we talked about paint colors, etc. i really have had a hard time visualizing a main color for the majority of the house. well, later that evening we were getting together with some friends and lo and behold - i love their colors! inspiration at its finest. AND...they live in a Weekley home with the same tiles and cabinets so it was like getting a sneak preview...ain't God fun like that?

on another note - the guys' cd comes out soon and they are having a cd release party Sunday, October 2nd at our church. I'm so excited to hear it live and also, my song will be on there! ya'll come on out!

well, there's a bit of wording. i'll be back.

love to the 3 of you :-)