Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So, the month of May is absent from my blog, but boy was it busy here in the real world!
A trip to West Texas, many birthdays and wedding festivities ushered us through the month and dropped us on the doorstep of June.
This is my offering: My heart is full of the goodness of the LORD and I am so thankful that He is quick to run to me when I look His way. I have spent much time in His word and prayer and meditating on words from wise men from the past. Rich, rich time!

Some photos of my sweeties. Little man turns 2 next Tuesday...

Ash, Caitlyn (my brother's daughter. She's 3 wks younger than ash) and Avery at Gamma and Grandad's house.
With Grandad (my dad)
Fancy cousins in fancy night gowns
Good looks from dad, eh?
Lovin' the slip-n-slide