Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I didn’t shop for a swimsuit last year. It was a glorious year. One that will go down in the annals of “I’m not so bad”. It’ll also forever live in the “Denial” file. Just because one doesn’t try on swimsuits in bad lighting does that mean the fat isn’t there? I mean, “if a tree falls in the forest?”…and all that.

Never mind that I was carrying 35 baby pounds (baby included) and people have pity on a swollen beached whale in a cute maternity suit. I think you actually earn points for forsaking your pride to enjoy a dip in the pool.

Never mind that I would be wearing that maternity suit all summer (baby not included). Sympathetic glances turn into questioning stares and then downright disgust. Hey, it’s not my fault the doc didn’t tell me not to eat for two.

Fast forward to now. Now - when the baby is old enough to wear his own suit and play in the water. I am proud to say all of the baby weight is gone. But, before you hate me because I’m one of those women (ah, to be one of those women!), let’s just say the tenant may be gone, but he left behind a mess.

Do we really need to continue this conversation? I mean, do I have to subject myself to the mental and emotional turmoil that even talking about a swimsuit evokes? As a matter of fact, let’s just call it a day. I’m beat, worn out from the walk down memory lane. And really, who needs to cool off in the wicked Texas heat?

My three year old, that’s who.

Her ambitious summer plans include a trip to the beach. Not sure where the idea came from but daily I hear, “when we go to the beach…”. So, I guess we’re going to the beach. And I guess I’m finding a suit. A swimsuit. And I’ll join the ranks of women grumbling in their own private hell in their own private dressing room under the glare of cellu-light.

Now that’s a thought. You would think that if a store actually wants to sell its clothing, it would go out of its way to do the dressing rooms up right. No horrendous “accent” lighting – just a candle and a funhouse mirror. I bet the merchandise would be flying off the shelves.
Just make sure there’s a strict return policy. Or work out a deal with the sun. Tell him the moon would do just fine this year. Everything looks better in the moonlight.


Asher discovered the greatness of the straw sippy cup and apple juice. He drained that cup in no time. Have I mentioned the boy is passionate about all things food?

Seeing your kids day in and day out leads to not noticing how they are changing and then one day, you look at them and they look so different! That's how it's been with both of my kids. Avery is so tall! I look at her body and am amazed that all things baby are gone. She is witty and funny and a smartie pants and just a doll. Asher looks more and more like a big boy - I can't believe we are approaching 1! He's "talking" and moving and just being a cutie pie. He always has a smile for us and now does his best to look precious with a big ol smile and squinty eyes.

Funny little conversation between Avery and Shawn last night:

Avery: "Hey dad, bring that spanky hand over here!"

Shawn: "What?"

Avery: "That hand that spanks me - bring it over here and sit down with me."

Monday, April 23, 2007

2:33 PM

As I sit here sipping a strawberry banana smoothie, Rush Limbaugh is jawing on the radio, Avery is playing in her room and Asher is napping. The windows are open and I hear the sounds of construction all around. Two houses are being built to the left of us, one to the right and another behind us. Fortunately, none of them are immediately next to us. Still the noise is well, noisy.

Our internet has been out of service since midday Friday. I have not been on the computer since that point. Tough going. I see how attached I am to being plugged in to my world through a few strokes on my computer. We don't have cable so we get about 1 1/2 channels. That leads to not much tv watching. Being online keeps me connected. Being offline leaves me floundering. Not that i missed much.

The repairman rang the doorbell before 8 this morning. Glorious since we were quoted the standard "sometime between 8 and 12". Too bad for him that he was greeted by a pajamed, newly awake 30-something female. Turns out that when another AT&T work crew was trying to fix another problem, they put the lines back together wrong and we ended up with someone else's number ?? I guess it was an easy fix b/c we were back in the saddle in no time.

It's now 2:45 PM.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"f" or "p"?

I'm in the kitchen making dinner. Avery is watching Tom & Jerry. Asher is napping.

Avery: "Hey mom, I want Spiderman noodles with dinner!" Can't possibly peel her eyes away from the pseudo-violence playing out on the tv.

Me: "That's fine. We'll have it with the pork."

Avery, eyes still glued to the tv: "No, I want a spoon."

Me: "Huh? Oh, yeah, but we'll eat it with pork."

Avery: "MOM! I want to eat it with a spoon!"

Me, about to open my mouth with a "READ MY LIPS" but think better of it. Why bother? She'll eat the pork with a fork and the noodles with a spoon.

Friday, April 13, 2007

out of the mouth of babes

I headed to the shower after coming home from the GYM (remember that) this morning. Avery invited herself to join me. Upon taking my clothes off and entering the shower, she encouraged me with these few precious words:

"Mom, you have a lot of room back there."

Whaaat? "Are you talking about my bottom?"



I should be paid to endure this verbal abuse. And why can't a girl get a shower alone?

what a sense of humor!

Life comes full circle in well, not much time.

A while back I wrote about transition in our lives. The whole out with the old, in with the new blah, blah.

Little did I know that old and new are cut from the same cloth.

Transition - The Jeff Berry band came to an end. Okay, no problem. I was excited - no more extensive travel! I did feel for Shawn not having the opportunity to play music any longer. But hey, he'll get over it and we'll be together...lots.

God's sense of humor - Billy Foote comes a'callin'. Can you say "on the road again"? Not to sound like the shunned other woman, I did give my blessing (which Shawn sought immediately - kudos, babe!). He's excited. I'm becoming excited. Billy has written some amazing worship songs. I look forward to meeting him and his wife Cindy.

And I'm confident God has my back. He's led me to pray that He would meet my needs. I know He will. He kinda has a way of being faithful, ya know? I try to remember that He's all for family and He'll make sure we're good.

So, back in the saddle again....AND, God has amazed us with how much work He's brought Shawn through The Whetstone. It's crazy busy. Shawn's been landing lots of jobs - now he needs to do the work!

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. Keep 'em comin'.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

this is the day that the Lord hath made!

Ah, sweet moment of silent, self-indulgence, how I love you! Redhead with Gamma, little man asleep. Hubby at a meeting. I am sitting on the couch, computer in lap, diet coke in system. Does it get much better than this? Let me hear a "yeehaw" from the mommies!

Today is perfection:

- a good AM workout
- a trip to the playground with daddy
- naptime
- a visit to the library
- an afternoon stroll around the square. I LOVE downtown McKinney!
- peppermint ice cream at Herby's Old Fashion Soda Fountain for Avery, orange sherbet for Asher, cherry diet coke for me, Turtle torture for Gamma and a fried apple pie to go for Shawn
- Shawn stopping by the square to pick up his treat
- Avery staying with Gamma
- Asher napping right now


and you?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ever have one of those days...

when you've got nothing to write? Yeah, well I'm having one of those weeks. Last week I blamed it on pms and then the real deal. Now I don't have anyone or thing to blame. My mind feels like jello, i've had headaches for the past three days and none of me wants to work together. I'd form a picket line...if I felt like it.

I do need your help, though. Last month I sold two articles to local McKinney magazines. It was thrilling! Can I call myself a writer now? So, I've been trying to think of new article ideas and am (surprise, surprise) drawing a blank...lots of blanks. I'm trying to overcome my "one-hit wonder"itis. The editor has emailed asking if I have ideas for the May/June Issue of McKinney Woman mag. Yeah, you know the answer. So, HELP ME! What are articles of interest for women that I could tackle?

My eyes are crossing. It's 3:07 PM! What is up? I need a vacation.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Finery

Hope your Easter was a blessed reminder of our HOPE!