Tuesday, November 07, 2006

An evening with the Prez...

Laura Bush, looking calm amongst the insanity

Bush and Perry

Lieutenant Gov. David Dewhurst

the crowd

So the guys had a great opportunity to play at the Republican Rally yesterday at Reunion Arena. It was fun to be a part of something like that. I do, however think the whole political set is humorous. i liked watching the ambitious young things wheel and deal with each other. Amanda (another wife) and I just kept looking at each other, smiling. And, what is up with all the cute guys working for the government? Last night would've been a single girl's dream. The secret service are young, the guys that screened us on the way in, etc. it was crazy.

Did you know that those "homemade" signs that you see on tv with cute little sayings are not all that "homemade"? a girl came around before Perry and Bush arrived with stacks of posters for anyone who wanted to hold them up. My favorite was a caucasian woman holding this sign: Yo Quiero Perry. Way to embrace the demographic.

All in all, it was a fun time...snipers and all.

Here are a few pics. I'm waiting for some from Amanda of the guys while they were on stage. They did a great job. Check back for those.

Get out and vote! I'm proudly sporting my "I voted" sticker...around the house...for no one in particular...but it looks nice against my chocolate brown shirt...okay...bye...