Saturday, July 29, 2006

testing with a photo

My first posted pic! Watch out, bubba - another chef in the family!

smiley face

asher is smiling! woohoo! stick your face in front of his and you're welcomed by a great big grin and coo. love it - and just in time as shawn gets home late tonight.

it makes me mad that you think its ok to do what you're doing
so what if "that's just who you are" .
who i am says you're wrong and you need to face up to the life you're in.
who's gonna tell that little girl that her daddy don't love her cuz
"that's just who you are".

you made a promise and committed.
sorry if it's not what you thought.
you've gone along and done things wrong
should've thought more about it at the beginning
but now it's not about you, no more what you want.
you took her in and made her yours and now you've got a baby.
so go home, make right, pour your heart out to your wife.
she can't do it all, she needs you to love her and that precious little girl.
you can do it, we all can do it.
just let go and start diggin' your heels in.
this is your job - get it right!

uh, had to get that out of my system. it's been a long day for a friend. why do we think we can so easily walk away from our commitments? i know we all would love to be able to "get out" when things are hard but there is so much at stake. it makes me crazy and so sad b/c so often those precious little ones are stuck in the middle - some of them too little to even know it yet. if you read this, please please pray for this situation. i trust that details don't need to be known in order to ask the Holy Spirit to intercede so please take a moment and lift this family up and beg God to work a miracle.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

blog envy

i am seriously suffering from blog envy. as the few of you know who read this thing, i don't write often and i really don't visit other people's blogs too much either. i enjoy them when i do but i just don't take the time very often.

well, tonite i did a little blog visiting and let me tell you - i'm sooo jealous! my friend chrys has got the BEST blog ever! wonderful pictures, witty repartee and the cutest kid. AND she blogs like every day. i can't even think enough to blog every day. i can't even imagine what i would talk about. but she has the best things to share and well, i don't even know how to post a stupid picture on here.

grumble, grumble, grumble.

other than that, this afternoon was a good one. avery took a break from whining and complaining every chance she had to actually having fun with me. i do have to admit though, i didn't hold asher as much today as usual and i really think that made the difference. the minute i pick him up or feed him, she becomes grumpy, loud and very needy. i guess i understand but man, it can wear you out quick! of course i had to fight the guilt feelings of putting asher in the swing for a long time and sticking him on the little floor gym whatever it is. hey, he did okay and i was more relaxed for it. i too often try to hold him to keep him quiet while trying to do EVERYTHING else. I end up dropping stuff, making a mess and just getting downright ticked off and guess who gets the brunt of it - poor Avery. oh the lessons i'm learning daily. and the voices i'm trying to filter through. praise God that Shawn gets home from his summer travelling this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and who the heck said you'd be more relaxed with your second one????

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

2nd day with no sweets

made it through the first day with no sweets. and i've been eating sweets like crazy over the past 6 weeks. i've got to get this craving under control. i looked on the calendar and 8 weeks will take me to september 17th. it'll be interesting to see how it goes and if i can kick the sweets cravings! i did go buy fresh fruit to snack on. i really love fresh fruit (yummy watermelon). i'm also trying to watch portion size. i'm 5 pounds away from where i started before getting pregnant with asher but that is at least 10 pounds heavier than i was before avery so i guess i've got at least 15 pounds to lose.

i'm also gonna join a gym and start working out again. it'll be good "me" time. i just want to feel good and it wouldn't hurt to be thinner!! let the good times roll...

Monday, July 24, 2006

6 weeks down, 1 week left and we're a fam again!

so, asher is 6 weeks old - crazy! and shawn is in his last week of camps. this week has been tough but it has gone by pretty fast.

i hate this - i have nothing to write about. well, maybe i have a lot but i'm just not witty enough or focused or something. or maybe its the crazy way that my kids know exactly when i actually want to do something. asher has been asleep for awhile now but as soon as i sit down, he starts crying

so i think this is funny that all of the guest hosts on "the view" have been black. well, maybe not all of them, but the ones i've seen. i know it sounds random but i'm watching "the insider" right now and they had a clip from the view.

poor miss puerto rico - to be 18 and look like that! i watched a little of the pagent last night and of course felt oh TTTTTHHHHHIIIIISSSS BBBBIIIIIGGGG. those gals are nutso thin! and so pretty.

more random brain activity.

i read in readers digest that it only takes 8 weeks to change your taste buds. i'm gonna give it a try. starting today, i'm not eating sweets and limiting my sugar to more natural sources (i love fresh fruit). no sweets. i'm gonna see if after 8 weeks i don't want them anymore or even that they don't taste good. we'll see.

anybody seen good movies lately?