Tuesday, June 07, 2005

please help

this is an email i sent out this evening. i pray that a flame has been fanned in my too-cool vacuous heart.

I happened to walk in to the living room a few minutes ago as Brad Pitt and Diane Sawyer were in Africa visiting with all of these amazing children. I sat down on the floor in front of the tv and went from smiling to bawling in a matter of minutes. These people are so poor! We have so much and could help in so many ways. At that moment i felt very empowered and very ineffectual all at once. I just wanted to reach out and hold those beautiful orphaned babies and let them feel human contact. It just kills me. Now that i'm a mom, it has me undone. Children are so innocent and deserving of love!

Anyway, I got off of my butt and came back here to the computer. Thanks to email, i was able to send a note to our sponsored child in Kenya. Although we receive letters from him regularly, we had not taken the time to write him - disgusting! And, even though automatic withdrawal is wonderful in so many ways, it lets you forget the importance of remembering in the act of writing the check.

I know you might already be supporting a child or a cause that is helping the poor of this world, but i just wanted to send an email and ask you to consider doing it if you are not. there are a lot of great organizations out there.


please, find something that you believe in and support it! this evening has been a great conviction to me. i'm thankful for that. i'm way too narrowminded...and not enough like Christ.