Sunday, January 28, 2007

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

and this is Avery's dream!


This past week, we had a little playgroup for neighbors at our house. The two moms that came are fast becoming great friends. we love to share mom stories and encourage each other. the kiddos play well together too. Chastity has little rylee (1.5 yr), Sandy has Jake (4) and Noah (almost 3). Here are some pics. Can you guess who Avery's constant companion is these days?

Friday, January 26, 2007

from some moms

Jess, sweet friend:

"What a great question. Isn’t it funny how we are always looking for our own identity? When we were dating “I am his girlfriend.” An engagement ring “I am his fiancĂ©e.” A white dress/ a honeymoon & “I am a wife!” A positive EPT/ trips to maternity stores “I am pregnant.” A ride home from the hospital with an occupied car seat “I am a MOTHER!!” We get to that mother stage and realize all that is involved then think who are we? Feeding, cleaning, changing, dressing, shopping, more cleaning all without little thank yous throughout the day???????

Several things help me. First when I start to take inventory around me, I am reminded that “comparison leads to discontentment.” Not sure who said it, but I have it on a tape in my head all the time. Secondly, I love to go back to some of my favorite Bible studies like Denise Glenn’s Motherwise. This is where it gets easy to spiritualize the “question of identity.” Her study is heavy in scripture that is blatant in pointing out our identity in Christ as wives/mothers. Nancy Leigh DeMoss Lies that Women Believe is another heavy hitter for me. We are to be helpers to our husbands. If it is good enough for God “as our helper” than we can do it too. So that is the sermon I have to keep listening to when I start to question my identity.

Currently one of my favorite things to do that is all mine is… working out and trying to get ready for another triathlon. I love leaving the house while everyone is still sleeping and working out with girlfriends. Arriving home sweaty but refreshed before anyone is even awake. Having that solid 1 ½ to 2 hours all to myself with no interruptions.

There are other things I get to do sans children like a monthly BUNKO group, Bible studies, women’s ministry, volunteering in the community, date nights with Joe. Honestly, right now I just look at this time as a season. I have five years with each child before they are in school. I guess I think that the older they get, the more time I will have for me as I am preparing them for their autonomy and identity. Truly though, my identity through Christ at this time is a mom and wife. That is what I signed up for as I often forget. "

Your friend on this journey!
We best glorify God in the manner He says we best glorify Him. We don’t determine how we best glorify God. God determines that, and so we need to look at God’s heart—His heart for male and His heart for female, His heart for authority, His heart for leadership. We need to look at all that and say, “God, you tell me how I best glorify you, and I will bring myself in line with that.”
Mary Kassian

from my sweet sis-in-law, Angie:

"i have a few thoughts...a few things that i have decided to do.they are pretty simple, and though each of them are different, i feellike as they are all apart of my life, they really end up workingtogether...towards one a woman, i have wanted to have influence. God has given us the giftof influence. i am a member of our "women's council" at church, whichconsists of about 25 women, all different ages and seasons of life. wepray for the women in our church, plan events for our women, andbasically do all that we can to build up our women's ministry. this issomething that i feel has helped me, in maintaining my own sense ofself, as i can serve all sorts of women, now and later on in a mom and a wife, i have wanted to be intentional, strong, andwise. i have committed to dive in with a group of women at church, ina bible study called "a mother's heart" which is full of all sorts ofraces, socio-economic statuses, life stages, personalities, looks~ youname it. it is a DIVERSE group. and i love it. it challenges me inways that most other groups have never done before. we don't talkabout where we shop, if our kids nap, or the color of our hair or sizeof our body~ we talk about our character. about the sin in our life.we get down to it!!! ALL of it. this has helped me to maintain mysense of who i am as a woman of God, a wife, a mother and friend.and then one last thing i would list, would be reading. right now i'mreading "don't waste your life" by john piper, and it is blowing meaway. the Lord is convicting me, on several different areas of mylife. here is a quote that i read this past weekend, that i just can'tstop thinking about... "Not to show people the all-satisfying God isnot to love them. To make them feel good about themselves when theywere made to feel good about seeing God is like taking someone to theAlps and locking them in a room full of mirrors."anyways, i'm sorry for rambling...just wanted to share with you thosethree things that i feel like the Lord is using in my life to keep megrounded and a person. He is stretching me so much justby being a mom and a wife, that at times i feel like if i can just payattention moment by moment, and listen to His Spirit as He teaches me,i will be complete and "lacking in nothing"."

From Jen, a friend:

"What a question for the ages! Some days I wonder, "Is this really my life?" Some ways that have helped keep me sane is: MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers), weekly playdates with other moms, and women's Bible studies. Cameron Crawford has started hosting MAMs (Moms and Martinis) once every 2-3 months and it is sooooo fun! A bunch of women with food and drink and chit-chat. She invites neighbors, church members, people she meets in the grocery store, EVERYONE. Then towards the end she has everyone sit around in a circle and introduce themselves and answer a question (i.e "Who is a woman you admire or inspires you?") It is a great night away.Well, there is my 2 cents. :)"


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

fever for the flavor...

i gotta do something! i'm a bit stir-crazy and wanting a creative outlet. problem is, my mind is spinning and sputtering and just not cooperating. i wanna shout "get in a single file line...NOW!" because the thoughts in my head are racing...and running...and i can't sit still (or think still).

How do moms maintain there own sense of identity? I would LOVE some feedback on this. I'm really just aching to "do something" and have "my own thing" but what does that mean. I know this just happens to coincide with Oprah yesterday and the ongoing battle between working outside the home/staying home. i think what i'm asking is outside of that discussion...maybe. i'm desiring a little food for the soul and a sharpening of the brain. So many friends i talk to are wanting more: more in their marriages, more in their daily tasks, more from friendships...just more, overall - a little something that simply enriches them. I'd love your story. Do share and ask others to share as well! email me: and if you are willing, let me post them here.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

good deal!

A friend told me about . She uses their makeup and really likes it AND the makeup is only $1! I can't wait to order some stuff! I'm not a huge makeup person but the girly-girl in me wants to get some fun new stuff. I've just spent some time checking out the site and found a lot I like. Go check it out...and let me know what you think.

also, looking for a good workout that's fun for the kids too?? Put on The Wiggles' Hot Potato Live DVD and get moving! I'm telling ya - you'll burn some calories, get the ol' heart rate up and have fun with the little ones (mom-tested, kid approved). Avery loved that I was "hoop-de-dooing" around. She said "we're having fun EXERCISING!". 'nuff said. - good source/reminder of foods that work well as baby food. i know that i've needed a crash course in what kinds of stuff i fed avery back in the day. it's so easy and cheap!

Shawn and i are knee deep in season 5 of "24". We put a dvd on and don't stop until we've watched all four episodes. I keep hearing a lot about season 6. I read online that you can get the first four episodes on dvd already. At least i don't have to wait a full year to see what crazy stuff goes down in the first four hours! here we go...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Our Holidays with family

Christmas day at TBob's house
Christmas morning at our house
a good day!
Asher and cousin Caitlyn Miller (3 weeks apart)
Cousins (and dad Brad) Henry (3mos), Asher (6mos), Olivia (2.5 yrs), Avery (3yrs)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy 3rd of Jan!!

or, happy new year!

our family had a wonderful holiday season. low stress, full of fun and family. the kids did great, felt good and were given some swell gifts. we were given good stuff too. shawn has some pics that i'll get up soon.

we took the xmas tree down yesterday and put up all of the xmas stuff. back to normal house and all that.

um, i'm really searching here.

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