Thursday, March 30, 2006

bad watermelon

that sums today up. not a great day in the davis household. we all just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. i don't feel good - should be 9 months along instead of this crummy 7 mos. can't breathe and have constant indigestion. i dunno if i'll make it until june. yuck!

avery is just cranky. and shawn was woken up by the annoying and persistent sound of hammers as they build the house next door come hell, high water or day break. on top of that, we're trying to pull our tax stuff together and found out we're missing a w2. looks like we'll be filing for an extension. shawn is having trouble finding some of his documentation from his business too. that has put us all in the stress press.

my house is a mess and i just can't find it in me to clean it. there are pockets of clutter everywhere. makes my blood pressure rise.

it looks like it's about to rain. i'll believe it when i see it.

a good thing - ran into a dear friend at the store and we ended up having lunch. it was great on multiple levels: 1) got to catch up with her 2) got the chicken salad sandwich i've been craving for a couple of days now. she looks fabulous - is losing weight and seems happy! she recently sold a business that has been a major stressor. i think that is doing her a world of good. anyway, that was a sweet spot in a blah day.

gonna try a new recipe tonite. i love when i first go to the store - endless possibilities!!

oh yeah, and the bad watermelon: bought one today. just a little while ago, cut into it - slimy, orange and fermented! AAAHHHHH!! do you take it back? don't really want to trek up there with a nasty, smelly piece of fruit.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Lost and found

Yesterday, i thought our sunday school - oh, excuse me - ABF lesson was really great. the teache taught out of Luke 15 - the lost and found chapter. it contains the 3 parables: the lost sheep, lost coin and lost son, or prodigal. Jay, the teacher made some observations about those stories that i had never heard/considered.

the lost sheep: the sheep didn't intend to stray. he just looked up and before he knew it, he had wandered off the beaten path. kinda like at the beach. if you don't pay attention, you'll be a mile down the beach, just coasting.

the lost coin: the coin had no idea it was lost and no idea that it was valuable. the woman searching frantically for it did. how many folks 1) don't realize they are lost and 2) don't realize their value. Thank God that He does and He searches high and low to bring us back into His possession.

the lost son: intentionally left. this story is such a beautiful example and picture of grace and love. i know so few of us would be able to wait and wait and wait for a wayward soul to return and then extend not an ounce of discipline nor "i told you so" but love, love and more love. God sits back and waits while we wander off to see the world and squander what is ours. He doesn't guilt us into coming home. He doesn't spend His time plotting our demise. He simply watches (love that) and waits. And when we muster up the strength to recognize that life "out there" sucks, we find Him scanning the horizon for our return.

so, whether we find ourselves sadly off course, never really knew we were missing to someone or just had to "get out of here to find ourselves", our Father longs to convince us that we've been FOUND.

i pray that the truth of His overwhelming love and grace and desire to be your Father stays with you today!


Friday, March 24, 2006

veggied out

it's time for VEGGIE TAAALLEESS!

How do i put this lightly? Avery is obsessed with Veggie Tales. We have two of the Silly Songs videos and that is all she wants to watch. I guess there is worse that she could want to see, but these songs have been permanently etched in my brain - and hers! she is always walking around singing one of the songs. it's funny b/c she'll decide she doesn't like the one with the "hairbrush song" and just HAS to watch the one with the "cheeseburger song" and vice versa - finicky already. this morning she is blaming her stuffed pig on not liking one or the other.

like i said, not the worst thing to be stuck in her head.

Shawn's new toy showed up this week. A new laptop arrived on Monday. We were in the backyard when Shawn heard the ups truck lumber up the street. I tell you what, he dropped everything (well, a big red ball) and dashed to the front door to surprise the driver with a "you're a good a man!" It's a nice computer - he likes it. we started watching a movie on it - it was nice. Now i've inherited his old vaio laptop and he has yet to figure out where he's gonna put the desktop (but we're keeping it, by golly!).

I'm still waiting on my toy...but since it's not a business expense, who knows when it'll be. but, hey, if my job is to entertain people in my house...maybe a new couch IS a business expense! I've told shawn he has until the baby comes to get me a new couch. He laughs, but i'm not kidding. so if any of you can use your pursuasive powers on my hubby, i'd be forever grateful.

adios all! have a good friday.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

rain, rain and more rain

but it's great - if you are at home.

just heard on the news that a poor woman lost her life in this weather. so crazy b/c you just don't expect that it's gonna happen just cuz of some rain. flash flooding i guess can be a pretty serious deal.

yeah, so, i don't have anything else to say.

Friday, March 17, 2006

happy st. patty's day...

and all that jazz.

i don't know if i have anything green to wear.

biscuits are baking in the oven, avery is sitting in her stroller wanting me to push her down the hall and shawn is still in bed.

yesterday i was sick - yuck.

i have 3 more months left of this pregnancy and that is WAY TOO LONG! I don't think i'm gonna make it.

i've done a bracket for ESPN basketball. i know nothing about this tournament but it's fun to see how many points i can get just by being random. hey - not in last place right now. last year i beat shawn - makes it all worth it.

too many flies in the house. shawn and avery went on a fly hunt last night - very funny. shawn swinging a paper and avery shouting, "yay, dad! you got it!" or "oh no you missed". we left the back door open all afternoon b/c of the beautiful weather and they paraded on in.

our sweet neighbors made dinner for us last night which was a huge blessing b/c i couldn't stomach the idea of food AT ALL! I love little blessings like that!

Just finished the most amazing book - The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas. If you can handle over 400 pages, it is sooooo worth the read. One of my all time favorites now. I had never heard of Douglas before - seems he has written quite a few "known" books. And a few of them have become movies. It would be so great to be a storyteller like that!

Um, just a few entries - random but succinct in their own paragraph!

love ya ang!