Friday, February 29, 2008


Breaking my life down in "if...then" statements:

-If I wake up on my own, then I can read my Bible in quiet.
-If I'm in a good mood, then I don't worry about how I look (as much).
-If I'm uptight about my son being such a picky eater, then I make his favorite Annie Shells and Cheese and watch him eat heartily.
-If I keep my house clean, then I like it more.
-If I want to daydream, then I look at houses.
-If the weather is nice and the kids are grumpy, then we take a walk around the block.
-If the weather is not so nice and the kids are grumpy, then we go to the library.
-If Avery is in a good mood, then Asher is her best friend.
-If Asher is her best friend, then I am a happy momma.
-If I'm not careful, then inner-conversation gets the best of me.
-If it were possible, then I would never stop for gas.
-If I'm having a pity party, then I try to bless someone else.
-If I am pms-ing, then I'm a bit of a freakshow (ok, a huge freakshow)
-If I don't have creamer in the house, then I don't make coffee.
-If my parents didn't live so close, then I would be sad.
-If I could live closer to my sibs-in-law, then I would be happier.
-If I could come up with a good story idea, then I might try to write a book.
-If there were a Central Market close to me, then I would be in trouble.
-If I need to get something done or want quiet, then I turn on cartoons for the kids.
-If I have down time, then I would choose to read a book.
-If I could only decide on the right color, then I would paint my family room.
-If I get a goodnight's sleep, then I am thrilled and feel like a normal human.
-If I would only speak up, then I would have more time alone.
-If I have purpose for my day, then it goes much better.
-If I'm too tired, then I don't wash my face before bed.
-If I had the money, then I would buy my husband the tv he wants.
-If I keep thinking, then this list could go on for quite awhile.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Freeze Tag

I've been tagged by the latest tag wave...I don't have time at the moment to do it. My little man is balancing dangerously on the barstool while stealing his sister's dinner. I will hopefully tackle it tonight because I'm one crazy fascinating person - especially 10 years ago...but after reading Keitha's to-do list, i'm gonna seem like a lady of leisure.

Now the boy has a tire gauge and he's trying to use it as a nasal aspirator, ear plug and fork. NASTY.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Sickness, thou art loosed!

I'm tired. Tired of coughing. Tired of hearing my family members cough (i think we now communicate through coughing - "marco...polo" style). Tired of snotty noses and cloudy days.

Oh yeah, and tired from no sleep.

I know we are a dime a dozen these days but it doesn't make it any easier when the sum of our four parts are sick and miserable. It seems like this has been dragging on for a few weeks now. I just don't know anymore. I do know I'd like a miracle right. about. now!

So, because I've cleaned as much as I can stand and the kids have watched more pbskids than i can stand, and the sun has stayed away more than i can stand, I'll post pics. It's better than dreaming of wonderfully expensive things to do to my house to make it all that and more! (your insanely-talented fault, Keitha.)

Deconstructing Dishwasher (in happier, healthier times)
A little cartoon watching first thing in the morning before deciding they much prefer bickering.
He's ready to throw in the towel...after Caillou.
Same show, different room, comfy couch.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"We got love, momma!"
Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Life Well Lived

Our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) completed Tommy Nelson's Ecclesiastes Study, A Life Well Lived yesterday. I am a huge Tommy fan and was extra motivated to make it to Sunday School, er, ABF each week to learn from him. Yesterday he summed up the main points of the book of Ecclesiastes and I'd like to share them with you. Monday seems like an extra perfect day to throw these out - mine has been textbook bad today.

Dig in. Find out Who you worship, discover the depths, drink in His awesomeness and know Him. But don't stop there. Obey the One you call God. Nothing less will do. The world will do its best to woo and draw you into the shallow enticements it so easily throws around. Learn that partaking is fleeing in fulfillment, dimming your wisdom and hindering your ability to navigate through life.

I think that if you have been walking with God for any significant time, you know this to be true. The fairytale conversion, happily ever after-garbage has been discarded and you now know that it rains on the just as well as the unjust. Also, bad things happening aren't necessarily consequences to your actions or sins. This world is hell-bent and we're stuck, come what may, for the time being.

You don't have to be proactive and try to sort through it all, like rubble after a bomb. You have no control, anyway. Relinquish and rest. And remember the God you have learned of. This is not a charge to suck it up, it is a call to submit and remember through your pain, the hope we have been promised. I just love the picture of resting. Think Psalm 23.

I find this idea profound, and profoundly simple. If the sun has come up another day in your world, you know what to do. Do it. Just because the wheels have come off, your call to morality and obedience and self-control have not been suspended. I find that focusing my efforts on others frees me from the pit I feel I am in. My husband has a proverb on his computer that states, "If you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength!"

Don't worry about what is going to happen. In the wisdom you possess by knowing the True God, grab life and go! It's better to be out there risking it, knowing God has you securely in His hand than cowering in fear at the one life God gifted to you. I gotta seriously work on this one. My backbone is primarily made up of fear.

6. ROCKY ROAD! (Enjoy Life)
Work hard, stay the course, then PLAY HARD! Enjoy what life has to offer. The grace that covers us through Jesus has widened that narrow gate so that we might live freely, with no concern for piety or self-righteousness. Wisdom has revealed to us that we are lowdown, dirty sinners made righteous by Another's sacrifice. With that knowledge, let us embrace that grace and be about the business of living!

Folks, I think people will want to know our Great and Mighty God if our lives reflect these truths!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Alright, alright

It is
We are watching
While sipping on
And guess who are asleep? Hee, Hee, Hee.
What a glorious family day! We took a long bike ride around the neighborhood b/c yes, I got a new bike! It's the pretty gal in the front. We spent a little time looking at bikes this morning and Shawn and I had two different price points in mind. I know it might surprise you, but I was the one holding the reigns on spending too much for a "good" bike. I just want something that has two tires, pedals and handle bars. I haven't been on a bike since my summer cycling class in '95(and the saying is true: some things you never forget, like riding a bike). It wouldn't take much to qualify as a bike in my head. Not so for Shawn. BUT, fortunately we found this cute number at Target for a very reasonable hundred bucks. PTL!
A short stop to say hi to Cowboy. Since we are not in the market for a pooch, we've adopted some pups around the neighborhood.
The one accessory every girl needs for a good bike ride - pearls.

Now back to my show.
Oh yeah, and the hubs asked me to plug a little CD release party at our church tomorrow night. A band called Dutton who leads our 10:50 service has, well a CD coming out. They're good - used to fill in for Crowder at UBC when he was on the road. I believe it starts at 7PM in a nifty little place called The Brick at The Heights Baptist Church.
NOW back to my show.

bona fide lazy

I've been lazy on the posting pics front because it's just too much dern work! Get your camera, connect with USB cable to computer, transfer pictures (are you sweating yet?), choose pics to size in Fireworks, actually size them and save them (pause for drink of water). From there, they are mine to do what I please but the whole 5 minutes it takes me to do this seems at times insurmountable. Pa-THE-tic.

Once upon a time, there was such a thing as physical labor. Poor folks caught in that trap!

And now, a few photos.

The hubs and me down in Houston for friend Dom's wedding. Shawn is in tux, beard not out of control at this point.
Avery likes to take pics around the house and comes up with some fun ones. Here is her brother, at close range. He was not willing to oblige the little photog and stay at a proper distance.
A wonderful birthday gift! An umbrella to paint. This is part 2 of the painting. You know, attention spans, four year olds, limited nap time for little, oh-so curious brothers. Our goal was to have it done and dried in time for the chance of rain on Tuesday...come on rainclouds, don't let us down.
I got the boy trained early, future daughter-in-law.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your families out in the amazing weather. I think I might be getting a bike today!! After much grumbling (and walking) while Shawn rode his bike with Ash in the trailer and Avery on her bike, I think I made my case about being the odd man out and that just ain't gonna happen.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oooh, oooh, witchy woman

Excuse me, moms out there? Can you hear me? I'm talking to you! Well not all of you, just the ones who's children sleep. Yeah, are there any of you out there? It's me, the haggard, aging faster than humanly possible, racooned-eyed woman over here.

Help me. Help me.

My children apparently think sleeping is for the dead and that time with momma is at a premium in the dark, devilish hours of the night. What they don't seem to recognize, which is completely unfathomable, is that momma is not nice, not really, not in the dark. She is why 3 AM is called the "Witching Hour". So why, dear fruit of my womb, would you want to demand the presence of a strung-out zombie when you could be frollicking in dreamland with nice momma, sweet momma. Momma that is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (Can someone explain that saying?).

Better yet, wait until the sun comes up, she's had a cup of coffee and the wisdom of scripture to guide her.

And wisdom right now says to step away from the computer and tend to the ever-growing morning demands before my computer is taken hostage and held for the steep ransom of chocolate milk and Dora.