Sunday, January 27, 2008

The bald one goes beardy

I don't know if I'm about to out myself...but I hadn't really noticed the hair growth on my husband's face. Okay, he's always had facial hair but it is usually contained to around his mouth and possibly as cool chops, but, well, we've entered new depths of hair production on the face region.

Ladies, my hubby has a full-grown, mountain man beard. It's, um, how do I say it - poufy! And when I say I hadn't noticed it, it just hadn't dawned on me what exactly was going on. My hubby's face is the one I see all the time, so little changes slip past me, but my oh my, grow a chia pet and you've got my attention.

And, now, I'm getting comments from folks at church.

"I didn't know you had a new husband." from an older guy who's attempts at humor, well fall just a tad short of...humorous.

"I saw your husband today...he's sure got..." at this point I tend to pipe in to save the speaker some face since I've got none left to salvage. I say, yes, he is quite hairy and...

One friend said she got her husband to shave his face once she stopped shaving her legs. Said it worked like a charm. Her clean-faced hubby was standing right there, nodding emphatically.

I can't remember others but I know people are thinking things. Thankfully my husband is one of the nicest guys you'll meet so he can get away with fuzzy fuzzy fur face.

Our exchange this morning as he's COMBING it:

Me: "When are you going to shave that thing? Why do you like it?"
Him: "I don't like it, I'm just not done having a beard."
Me (confused): "Uh, that means you like it!"

That has got to be some whacked logic, right? It surely doesn't compute in gal language. I mean, why would you carry a teddy bear around on your face if you didn't like it? It can't be sentiment since facial hair grows at the speed of light. He wouldn't have time to miss it before it would be back again.

And oh what a joy that would be.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Prayer for Victory

If I haven't had a chance in the morning to steal away to pray and focus myself, I'll pull out my journal and write my prayers down. I can do that while with the kids when they are watching cartoons. I pray the Holy Spirit inhabits those prayers as much as the ones uttered from my lips. After all, they are coming from the same desperate heart, right?

As I was writing out my prayers, one verse whispered itself repeatedly. It is a verse I call to mind when I'm feeling out of control and wondering how things are going to come together. I read the verse (7) in it's context of Psalm 20 and wanted to encourage you all with it. Today I asked the LORD that He would remind His children that we are remembered. No matter what your circumstances I pray this Psalm for you:

1"I pray that the LORD will listen when you are in trouble,
And that the God of Jacob will keep you safe.
2May the LORD send help from His temple and come to your rescue
from Mount Zion.
3May He remeber your gifts and be pleased with what you bring.

4May God do what you want most and let all go well for you.
5Then you will win victories, and we will celebrate,
while raising banners in the name of our God.
May the LORD answer all of your prayers!

6I am certain, LORD, that you will help your chosen king.
You will answer my prayers from your holy place in heaven,
and you will save me with your mighty right arm.

7Some people trust the power of chariots or horses,
but we trust you, LORD God.
8Others will stumble and fall, but we will be strong
and stand firm.

9Give the king victory, LORD,
and answer our prayers."

Can I get an AMEN?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

what if???

On our way home from church today, I witnessed a near miss accident. One car layed on his horn and I muttered, "oh my". Avery, never missing a thing, started in on the "what" rant. I told her there was almost an accident.

That was all she needed to pepper me with a million and one questions. I'll spare you b/c quite frankly, I tend to tune out when she starts tossing out every conceivable and some ill-conceived questions. But I did catch this:

"Mom, what happens at an accident?"

"Well, cars run into each other, people might get hurt and the cars are a mess."

Mom, who comes to the accident?"

"The firefighters, policemen and paramedics."

"Uh, what about the aliens?"

Hmmm, what about the aliens?

"You mean the ambulance?"


"They come too."

I'll spare you our conversation on the way to the movies last week. Let's just say it was a little question something like this:

"Mom, how are babies made?"

I tapdanced my way through that one without having to use cute names or any names for that matter having to do with human anatomy. And arriving at the theater provided the perfect distraction.

Now I gotta get ready for when she throws that one out again. Maybe it'll be daddy's turn to squirm :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a very good idea...

check it out.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

so comfy

Just a bit ago, Asher and I did a quick trip to Sam's for some bulk items. As we headed down the aisle, they had the yoga pants pulled out in the middle along with all of the workout stuff - get the new year off to the right start and all that. I paused. I really want those yoga pants. They just might be the motivation I need...and I really do "need" more workout clothes. If you visit the LA Fitness by my house, I'm the one in the sad old sweats and oversized t-shirt - nothing cute about my workout attire.

Now I've been channeling wisdom lately in trying to discern want from need. I know that God will provide for my needs and I know that I apply the word "need" to many "wants". At that moment the pants were a "want" teetering on the "need" side. I tossed them into the cart and went on my merry way.

Fast forward to home. I pull out the pants, so hopeful that they will fit, inspire, transform my very tush. My plan is to put them on and do pilates while Ash naps but if the pants don't work, where will I find myself?

Ah, glory, glory, glory! They are most definitely in the "need"category. These pants are beyond comfy (my new "fat days" go-tos), cute and even a bit flattering. They have this wide band at the waist that is forgiving and slimming at the same time.

I want to make my yoga pants proud! I want to raise that tush, shrink that waist and tighten up those thighs.

Thank you, Bally's Fitness. Thank you Sams. Thank you, Sim, for seeing beyond the "want" to the heart of the "need".

Now go burn some calories!

Also, let me let you in on my new fav breakfast:

1 nutrigrain waffle (70 calories)
1 tbsp dark choc. chips (7o calories)
half a dozen pitted tart cherries (come in water in a can) - not sure the calories, but not much.

toast waffle, melt chocolate chips, smear chocolate on waffle, add cherries and enjoy!!!! Very filling. Let me know if you try it. I saw it on Good Morning America when they did a story on the Flat Belly Diet.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ponder this

A couple of weekends ago, Shawn and I were in Katy for a wedding of a dear friend (Shawn had the honor of donning a tux...that makes THREE times within the span of a month that my dear casually-clad man had to wear suit-like clothes. Hee-hee!). Before heading back home, we visited our friend Neil McClendon's church. I had yet to hear the man preach and was looking forward to a good word. Well, I got a few...

First, while visiting in his office before the service, I learned that the week before Christmas is the last OFF-Peak week at Disney World! Eighty-two bucks a night on property! I had us packed and ready to go...for Avery's next birthday. I mean, c'mon - cheap!!

Then I remembered - plane tickets for four, park passes for four, food for four.
Not so cheap anymore.

So we'll save and go in two years, Lord-willing.

Second good word: Neil is now in the pulpit, wonderfully frank, preaching from Luke about the leper asking Jesus to cleanse him - if He is willing. Jesus replies, "I am willing. Be clean."

The challenge? To remember the LORD is always willing. When we ask of Him, worship Him, come to Him broken and despairing b/c we have failed again, He waits with the same response, "I am willing". Neil has taken to repeating that to himself in all situations: "I am willing, I am willing!" Nothing is too great for our Lord.

I liked that. A golden nugget to meditate upon. A simple phrase to repeat, remember, internalize.

Neil asked of the congregation, "what would it take from the Lord to show you that He is willing?" Mmmmm, that's good. I didn't have an answer right then. I never do well, this whole on-the-spot thing. So I left it out there for God to answer when He was ready.

And He did, at about 2 o'clock in the morning, laying in Asher's room, wishing my son would go to sleep. It won't be significant for you, probably. But it was sweet and is sweet when the Holy Spirit plants the words in your head. You know what I'm talking about.

If my God is willing, He will shift my focus from me and on to others in an unconditional, free from expectation kind of way. He will help me forget me.

Ah, that was music and life to my ears. I am an extremely self-centered person and I hate it. I am the victim, I'm never wrong, I have pride oozing out of every pore, I am the one that always has to sacrifice, endless comparison, blah, blah, blah. Ugly, ugly, ugly. I lie to myself about who I really am and then wonder why my marriage is struggling or why I can't get along with my mom, etc. I have to know Truth in my innermost being, like Psalm 51 says. David is desperate for forgiveness and change in this Psalm. He knows God is his only hope. And God says, as always, "I am willing."

And you know how I know God will be true to His word? Four sleepless nights with a poor sick little boy. Nothing gets your focus off of you faster than your children needing you.

I pray that each of you reminds yourself that the Lord is willing. He is so willing. So very willing.

Love to you!